Instrument definitions -- CC across channels?

I was going to make an instrument definition for my Model:Cycles, which has 6 tracks, but each track receives CCs on a separate channel and as far as I can tell, Hapax instrument definitions do not allow you to specify a channel for a CC.

If you want to use the Cycles like 6 separate monosynths in “POLY” mode on Hapax, it’s fine, but if you wanted to use it like a drum machine, it’s gonna be tough. Since DRUM mode has the facility for triggering notes on different channels, it would be really cool if this functionality was expanded to allow for addressing CCs on different channels as well…


Same problem with the Nord Drum 2. I believe I submitted a feature request a while back.

I think it would come in very handy to be able to set a midi channel for every assigned knob. Would lessen the need for external midi controllers.


This would be a really good feature indeed. Would add a whole new dimension to instrument definition customisation.