Instrument definitions app

Could this be done in a easier way with perhaps an app on the computer? I understand that it is not superadvanced as it is, but an app would be superhelpful to make full use of this feauture.

I don’t see it… a simple text file is easy to edit on every platform , with no tools.
frankly, an app just complicates that… and is more dev effort in creation and the ongoing maintenance/support (*) - that’s probably (imho) better spent on the Hapax firmware.

(*) imagine all the combos of… does it work on all the various versions of Mac/Windows/Linux, and if its browser based… versions of different popular browsers.

sure, it can be done, but the frankly, the gains are minimal.

of course, if/when MIDI-CI takes off, then that could make it a more interesting idea, since the app could interrogate devices and so auto fill various parameters…
but even then , arguably, it’d be better to just support MIDI-CI in firmware - and not require a instrument definition at all.


I see. Thanks for the input.

There is a cirklon web app which made its version of definition files.
maybe this can be a starting point for a Hapax version?


I think it would be best to be able to save the def from Hapax, although I think an App would be useful as the text is not very legible.

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AGree, this would be so much easier to use !
by my side I really love the faderbank 16n web app, even if I don’t see a direct possibility to do same thing on Hapax ( because 16n is limited to 16 ccs) it’s just neat

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