Instrument Definition - Vermona DRM mkIV

Happy New Year all!

Apologies if I’ve posted this in the wrong sub-topic, but I’ve finally focused on preparing definition files for my hardware. I kinda get the idea and have prepared this file for the Vermona DRM. I’ve started with this as it’s possibly the easiest piece of kit to map given it has extremely limited midi implementation functionality.

I have a quick question :slight_smile:
DRM only has 8 voices to trigger, and so only has 8 notes to program, which is simple and convenient given HAPAX has 8 drum lanes. The only complication is that if you want to trigger an open hat (HIHAT1 and HIHAT2 have this function), the open hats are triggered via different note numbers - please see extract from DRM manual below :

So I’ve mapped the simple note numbers below, but not sure how to map the two open hat triggers. Can this be done by adding CC’s to the CC section or would I have to set up another definition file with just the open hats programmed and open this on another drum track within HAPAX? Hopefully someone knows of a workaround!

Thanks so much!

P.S. I’m working on the following instrument definitions, so hopefully they will be of use to someone : MODOR DR-2, Akai MPC ONE, Abstrakt Avalon, Sequential REV2, Sherman Filterbank V2 and the Eventide H90.

I understand that this can only be achieved via a separate definition file or by programming the file to be Poly, instead of a Drum Lane track.

Any other suggestions welcome!

@squarpadmin - more drum lanes please. Perhaps a page 1, page 2 approach giving 16 drum lanes?

Thank you :pray:

I agree : more drum lanes please


Yeah, been waiting for more drum lanes since day one.