Instrument Definition PC section limited to 128 entries?

Is this on purpose?

It would be nice to have all slots like someone did for the polybrute since some devices have a layout that could be challenge to do the math in your head.

I could see folding down to just the banks, like I’m about to upload for the virus ti and the same could apply to the polybrute by having sub-bank entries for each row in the matrix.

It would be nice to have the full list available and have bank groups in the list to be able to navigate first by bank then by patch.

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Do you mean the number of instrument definitions?

V interested to see your Virus TI definition, I assume it would be interchangeable with the TI2?

Wow, that title is terrible! I meant the PC section!

How so? If I have more than 128 lines the rest are ignored.

Yes, 128 is the max. I also encountered this and Squarp told me that they capped the number of “preset” program changes to 128.

I think the reason is that they intended this feature more to name your favorite patches, that’s why you can also name them. However, I too did want to use this feature purely to preset both MSB and LSB numbers, so you don’t need to look those up/remember them. I then just used numbers for the name of each patch instead of the actual patch name.

That’s what I ended up doing with the polybrute and virus, basically making the patches after the bank and you can adjust the PC with the encoder from there.

I don’t really get the favorite patch idea given how cumbersome the process is.