Instrument definition MIDI + USB?


I’d like to create instrument definition files that will call output to both MIDI A, and USB. How do I do that? Something like “OUT:A,USB” or “OUT:A+USB”, but alas, these do not work. I also tried having two OUT lines.


As understood, definition files are on a per output-per channel basis, so you could use two definition files, one for each output. The 16 def.files limitation is a bummer though, especially since we have 3 outputs/48 channels total.

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Yes, but when setting output on Pyramid, on a track you can definitely select both A+USB, as specifically stated in the manual, and this is useful, so it’s a bummer that you can’t do that via definition files. :man_shrugging:

Yes , you’re right, I missed that in the manual, never needed this but it’s good to know. I think that’s due to the way the Pyramid looks up the correct def. file. I think that’s a quite convoluted process and adding a X + Y choice adds to the number of string comparisons to make before deciding which .txt file to select for a track