Instrument definition for jomox alpha base

hi new to the forum. I have recently found the instrument definitions for most of my gear and what an awesome feature. however I’m looking for one for my Jomox alpha base and couldn’t find one, so I figured make one myself and contribute to the forum.

the problem I’m having is the MIDI implementation is different. you can’t change the MIDI channel for transmitting or receiving. he also did an implementation across the keys but on just one channel 16.

here is the manual, page 82 and the back for MIDI implementation ALPHA BASE - Jomox

I’m wondering if I’m going to have to create three definitions. one for the bass drum and membrane, one for the rest of the drum tracks, and one for the FM. it seems the CC messages are shared across MIDI channels

any got in here would be appreciated and I’ll be happy to post it to the forum once I get it up and running

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You will be able to create a drum lane based definition by setting the drum lanes in the file to ch16, however you’ll only be able to capture 8 of the 11 voices due to the Hapax drum lane limitations. You’ll need another drum lane on a separate Hapax channel to pick up the rest of the voices.

Alternatively, you could do this via a Poly definition. This way you should be able to set the notes to each of the 11 drum voices, again utilising ch16.

The cc’s should all work fine for automation on any of the above approaches.

@Jimbo thanks for your response.

So either way, even if poly, not sure how i would configure shared CC messages?

For instance, the Kick uses CC101 for Pitch, the MBrane(snare) uses CC101 for Coupling, other voices uses CC101 for Sample Start and the FM synth uses CC101 for OP2 Tune

There are quite a few shared messages. I feel like this is an odd MIDI implementation, but if I need multiple definitions, I guess so be it.

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For comprehensive midi control you’ll need a definition file for each voice plus one for channel 16 with FX and panning. It also looks like you’ll need additional defs for channels 12 - 14 if you need pattern and preset change for Hapax.
The only really weird decision from a quick glance over the docs is the global mute Midi implementation. Don’t think it’s going to be possible to represent it in a definition file.

Sounds odd indeed. It seems @polynil’s response is possibly the only option.

Perhaps an email to Jomox may help to shed light on a better solution for you…?

hello I have just joined after receiving my Hapax. It looked scary but actually it’s ok once you get stuck in.
Anyway I also have the Alphabase and would love to have the definition file, I’m too stupid to create one. I am using channel 16 to sequence it but as you know I am stuck with only 8 voices. if some one has the definition file could you please share.

kindest regards