Instrument Definition CC ranges, pivots and 8 bit controls question

Hapax arrived this week and within 5 minutes I knew this was a very very special thing indeed.
Massive congrats to Squarp for pulling this off I can see it being a mainstay for many many years.

I spent a good bit of time building a Novation Summit Instrument definition file (I work at Novation so of course it was the first thing I wanted to do!). And working in this area, I know how feature requests and folks saying ‘if it could just do this one thing’ can be challenging to manage so before I head to the feature request form I figured I’d ask here first.

While working on the Summit Inst Def a couple of things came up.

I was looking for a way to add a range to the CC’s or NRPNs values.
A number of the controls in Peak/Summit and a lot of other gear from other companies too only require a smaller number of values than 128, sometimes just 1 or 2 or n (eg an ‘on’ switch).
When building the Summit Inst Def file I couldn’t see a way to add a range to the CCs/NRPNs which felt like it could be really helpful.
For example The delay ratio on Summit only has 11 values, I wanted to automate these to get lovely harmonic delay lines but with the assign pot’s CCs only active in the first 11 values all the recorded automation was bunched up on the first two rows of Hapax.

There could be a way to zoom into the vertical axis of automation (I haven’t found this yet so let me know if you know!)… edit… actually just spotted that you can define the value by pressing the pad and changing it on the screen which kind of solves the main issue… hooray! But equally if those values were spread more across the assigned pot it would be a much easier workflow to automate that particular control both on the grid and with the pot.

We also use CC pairs for a lot of Summit’s and Peak’s parameters to give a higher resolution control over these. (8 bit- 256 value). Again I haven’t found a way to be able to do this… though I suspect this is more a feature request for Squarp.

Finally you can usefully set a CC/NRPN default value in the Inst Def file but again I’m wondering if it possible to add a pivot point on the pot too
eg. it would be ace to have a Bipolar LFO depth control with the default and a pivot point set at 64 the assign pot could then show the pointer at 12 O’Clock and potentially (but not essential to) have a +63 or -64 for Clockwise/Anticlockwise movements.

These are all just little quality of life things, I’m already over the moon with what Hapax can do and if I dont hear any suggestions here I’ll get on the feature request form and lightly bother the good Squarp Folks there!

All the best Hapaxers!


please put questions about instrument definitions in main Hapax category,
leave Hapax/Instrument Definitions for complete definitions.

(ive moved this topic into general hapax category)

+1 on the problem.

There is some related sadness in this prophet 6 instrument definition thread.

Cc pairs are now added in the new firmware! :slight_smile: