Instant buy … now waiting impatiently

Looks like the Hermod+ improves all shortcomings and objections I had with its predecessor - display size/readability, sacrificing CV tracks for MIDI, only 8 step buttons, no 24ppqn sync, no dedicated clock out. Looks like a very well engineered update/evolution.

Has been quite a while that I instantly ordered a piece of gear without waiting for external reviews - now waiting for the shipment notice and looking forward to the weekend for exploration …

same hereeee, spent at least an hour reading the manual today.

One correction: not all shortcomings :roll_eyes:: SD card slot is still at the back, which will be a PITA for the likely frequent updates for a new box (and for backups, too) … :man_facepalming:

Maybe I’ll get a Micro SD Extender cable and 3D-print a small 2HP panel with a small slot into which I can glue the extender’s connector.


Instabuy too : ) I was already researching for a Display add-on Solution for the old Hermod…
and the extra channels! lovely! 24ppq is fantastig too, as I am clocking 2 pamelas with Hermod and had to use weird settings for that : ) → not anymore : ))

i am super hyped for the plus!

Ha! …smart overdub… super dope!!
and Track select is cool too! …but are those only for the CV/Gate channels?
And are the midi channels selectable with STEP & the corresponding Grid Button?

Anyone received a shipping notification yet? Express shipping works better if the package gets on the road … :yum:

just got my shipping notification, woohoooo :)))


Yé!! Got it today! What a beautiful piece of equipment that is! :heart_eyes:
But as I play a gig in Strasbourg tomorrow, that puts me in a bit of a risky “hot swap” situation! I am too afraid to change anything really this close to a gig : ) and especially not my main sequencer!
So I haven’t really been able to test it yet.

That said: theres a first big question:
– Are old Hermod Projects compatible with Hermod+?

also, I’ll have to get used to the new haptics of the grid buttons. : )))

Ya definitely good call not to swap until after your gig :wink:

And interesting, are the grid buttons different than the original? Curious to know more about how they feel! I live a bit farther away from France, so mine will still be in the mail for another 5 days most likely.

Yes, the buttons are different; they have a bit less travel distance and are made of a harder material compared to the soft rubber-y feel of the old hermod buttons.
The upper 2 rows feel fantastic and have a super satisfying “click”
but the 16 channel buttons feel like they don’t really move. There’s no click or haptic feedback that the button is actually pressed. And they are also a bit lower in height.

Ver cool! Was never a big fan of the buttons on the original. these sound way nicer in general. How easy is it to slide a finger across multiple step buttons to input all steps in a row/column quickly?

Also curious about any other impressions, whenever you get time to try it out more!

you mean that?:

yes, that works super nicely : )

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Omg!!! That’s awesome. This alone makes hermod+ so much more useful for drum sequences, wow.

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Also: There is a socket labelled “EXPANDER” on the back of hermod+

What might that be? : )
more CV Inputs? CV/GATEs for the 8 extra midi Channels? something completely different?
looking forward to find out : )

Ya seriously interested in knowing more about that. My bet would be either more cv I/O, or maybe a midi din expander? I’m not even sure what else it could be besides those things.

Ordered mine last week, now my turn to wait on the next batch impatiently :sweat_smile: