Inserting modulation (aftertouch) in note sequence

I have a SEQ 1 that ends with a non-zero aftertouch message. I have another SEQ 2 that starts with a note that should have no aftertouch. If I switch from SEQ 1 to SEQ 2 the non-zero aftertouch message “hangs” and applies to the first note in SEQ 2. So I need to insert an aftertouch message of value 0 on the first beat in SEQ 2. How do I do that?

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I’m interested in this too, but with a CC message controlling cutoff.

What I’m about to try, is to copy the CC event from the prior sequence, paste it in at the very beginning of the next sequence (probably on its own “automation” track) and then adjust the value.

I’ve been scouring the manual looking for “How to enter a CC event in step mode” but that seems elusive. Live mode is the only one?

@a773 I think I found it. “CC messages stepmode” in Section 08

Okay, so the manual’s wording… kinda sucks here.


What the manual DOESN’T tell you, is that you have to PRESS AND HOLD the STEP MODE button while turning the data encoder in order to find the CC message.

Once you’re here, select the CC# relevant to your device–in your case, for aftertouch, and then just create an event at the beginning of that sequence that sets that to zero.

Super cool, I’ll make not of this and try it out!

Am I the only one that wishes for a “real” manual?


Actually I made a HUGE mistake: I thought this was in the pyramid forum. Everything I just said here was for the Pyramid, though it MIGHT help with the Hermod?

for CV?
aftertouch on the hermod is a modulation track,
Id assume you can just edit the modulation on that track, in the same way as any other modulation - no?

It’s on the same track/track type as the notes. I played it by hand. Does that answer the question?

Sorry my confusion… the pyramid has at as mod lanes. I thought the Hermod did the same but alas no.
So seems not to be editable.

Only options I see ( apart from FR to Squarp) are :

a) use midi after to vel,
You can then record and edit as velocity but obviously lose velocity!
b) use a midi processor to convert AT to a CC , then use a mod track.

that’s all I can think of with current possibilities

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