Inserting a new bar into a track

It is not uncommon for me to realize that I need another bar part way through a track I have already written most of. What is the easiest way to do this?

Thanks for any tips.

You can change the length of a track at anytime. just extend it using LENGTH+Encoder or the pads to change the number of bars. When you shorten a track the midi data is not deleted until you save the project.

Thanks for replying Oliver but that is not what I need. I need to insert a bar not append one.

Say I am writing a 32 bar sequence on the Pyramid and I have entered 24 bars already but I realize I need an extra bar at position 12. How do I avoid moving each bar from 13 onwards individually?

In general it would be very usually to be able to copy, paste and delete a group of bars. Can’t see how to do this but thought I would ask in case anyone knows a way.

actually, you can copy/paste an entire page
just press on 2ND + COPY
the whole page is copied
(go to the destination page and press 2ND+PASTE to paste the copied page)
so if you use the zoom you will be able to move just a part of your pattern this way
in order to free up one bar

but it is a little tricky…
a simple “insert bar” function should be exist on a midi sequencer as the Pyramid
it would be much simpler


Well, if I understand well and you are talking about SEQ mode:

there is a possibility to insert a new bar into a sequence: first you can enter it to the last position, select it, push the encoder, there will be a popup menu, the first option is ‘Move’. You can select to which position you would like to move it, so you can move it from the last position to position 12.

Thanks for replies:-

The Loudest - copy and paste works fine but doesn’t help my scenario when I want to insert a page without overwriting what is there. Insertion would shift existing, subsequent pages to the right to make room for the new page.

kbzs - I have been working in step mode mostly and my desire is to insert a bar into a track. I have only looked at SEQ mode a little so far. I will check out your suggestion and see if it helps me.

Thank you both for taking time to reply.

you can also zoom out and select the last part of your pattern (the one that you want move to the right)
you select all the concerned steps (MONO edition) and you press right arrow as you need to make room

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If you wan’t to know if there is an insert feature right now, there isn’t. ( which doesn’t mean there shouldn’t but that’s for Squarp to decide the if and when ).

In the meantime there are various workarounds, none of which will ever be as elegant as anyone would imagine an actual insert feature would be. Sorry if I misunderstood you earlier, I thought you were asking about changing a pattern/track length, not inserting into it.

The Loudest - Thanks. I will look into that.

o-0 = Thanks for confirming that there is no explicit Insert feature. I am indeed interested in workarounds. Will look into what The Loudest says about patterns.

With current workflow and feature set, an inserting a single measure of 16 steps in 4/4 will require these steps:

  1. zoom out to accommodate the length of the track/pattern [track + zoom + main encoder]
    (to insert 16 step measure zoom out completely to /4)
  2. grow track/pattern length by 1 unit [track + length + main encoder]
  3. rotate select bars (now indicated by steps) 1 step to the right [press step range you wanna move and press 2nd + >]
  4. zoom back to desired level (like x4 to get back to default)
  5. go to the empty page and enter the wanted notes

It’s not pretty and will not work well live, but it’s not impossible.


it’s clearer like that :wink:

Indeed, I have especially forgot to talk about this important step in the procedure :
2. grow track/pattern length by 1 unit [track + length + main encoder]

Thanks all for the help. Greatly apreciated.

an “insert bar” option and “duplicate pattern” (length AND content) would be very appreciated
it sounds like very basic functions for a midi sequencer