Initialize usb midi controller at startup by buttons... why?


So I use a K-board with my Hermod with aftertouch adn velocity over three channels (2-4). I have this template saved as a default project that loads up on start every time (firmware 1.70). But Hermod doesn’t recognize any input from the K-board before I deliberately (with track-button+button 2 combo) choose track 2 (even though it is chosen by default). So i have to “initialize” the channel by selecting it an extra time.

It is such a small thing I know, but it is EVERY time i boot up Hermod, and it is getting annoying like a scratch on the nose.

Anyone experienced something similar with a solution?

so if I understand you correctly…

so, I assume, you are:

  • on the latest firmware (always a good start!)
  • using ‘active’ midi channel? … so for a track to receive midi, you have to select track.

so whilst its displaying T2 as active, its actually still got T1 active?

if so, sounds like a bug, with loading not fully selecting the track on load, just making UI look like it is. you should report to Squarp via contact form


a) don’t use active track
I cannot say Ive seen it, but I explicitly assign midi channels to each track…
this means, I don’t have to select tracks on the hermod, rather I send can control which track im using on hermod via my midi keyboard
I find this more ergonomic in my case, as it means I don’t have to reach over to hermod which playing different parts.

depending on your use-case, that may or may not be possible.

b) use T1 as default?
I guess the other thing Id try, is to make it so that T1 is the track you want to be active at startup, as I suspect that is the ‘bug’

of course, these are just workarounds until hopefully it gets fixed.
so the bug, needs to be reported to as mentioned above.

yeah you are right i’m using active track - i’ll report it as a bug then. but thanks for the workarounds!

I see it could be nice to just have the k-board set to a single midi channel instead of active track, but it won’t go in my workflow, as I also use it to program drums on another track and 1-2 other melodic tracks, so yeah active track is pretty essential for me.

But using T1 as a default i guess would be pretty perfect as a workaround. I use it as clock out as it makes most sense to me to have it on T1, but yeah i’ll use that as default melody track and see if it works instead

I always use T8 as my clock…

that seems like only 4 channels or so…
But I know what you mean though, in my setup Ive things like Virus TI (which is multi timbral), so end up doing things like 4 channels to hermod, 4 channels to virus, 2 channels to … etc and map out all 16 channels.

its very much a pragmatic approach really focused on being able to do as much as possible from the main control surface - but its not ‘ideal’ since things like hermod could theoretically use 8 channels, and virus 16…

but in practice, it works for my tracks, its a simple setup which also means its easy to change in the few cases it’s necessary.

Ive a mioXM which does alot of the mapping, so can its all in one place - so all instruments are configure as channels 1-N, but the mioXM , maps some from 1->4 to 1->4 , 5->8 to 1>4 etc.

oh, and non-active track also works better with sequencers…
often I use the Pyramid as the sequencer into the hermod, so using hermod more as a midi->cv converter, in that situation active track is not viable at all :slight_smile:

anyway, I now pretty much avoid active tracks where possible, not only hermod, but on my Pyramid I use its channel per track mode, and similarly on the Octatrack I don’t use its ‘active trac’ control either.

but hey, we all have different needs and ways we like to work.

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