Increasing octave of entire pattern in Step Mode


Is there a way to increase the octave of every note in Step mode all at once? Can’t seem to figure it out.



Yes - insert a scale effect with Transpose set to +12. You can then control turning that effect on & off by pressing the corresponding effect button.

Idea for a feature: allow on/off state of an effect to be controllable with a gate. @squarpadmin


If you want to permanently change the notes, hold Rec and rotate Knob 1 to transpose all notes in the pattern. See the user manual, page 19.


I really hope @squarpadmin will add an octave offset parameter to the scale effect, or add a simple standalone octave effect. I love modulating the octave on a running pattern in a range of -2/+2 or something. I’m getting the WMD Volts to do that, but of course it would be much nicer to have it in the Hermod.


But isn’t that a pyramid manual?


Is there any way to set a scale effect with transpose +12 that doesn’t change the quality of the chord being played? When I play chord changes that alternate between Cmin7 and Cmaj7, I want the notes being transposed to be the notes I’m playing, not a fixed scale. @squarpadmin can you add a “chromatic” option that doesn’t quantize the notes being played to different pitches, but allows transposing?


Oops, you’re right, I didn’t realize this was a Hermod question.


Yes good shout, you want to use the transpose feature of the scale effect, but you don’t want the scale feature of the effect. So in effect the Color menu item would have an OFF setting.