Increasing octave of entire pattern in Step Mode


Is there a way to increase the octave of every note in Step mode all at once? Can’t seem to figure it out.



Yes - insert a scale effect with Transpose set to +12. You can then control turning that effect on & off by pressing the corresponding effect button.

Idea for a feature: allow on/off state of an effect to be controllable with a gate. @squarpadmin


If you want to permanently change the notes, hold Rec and rotate Knob 1 to transpose all notes in the pattern. See the user manual, page 19.


I really hope @squarpadmin will add an octave offset parameter to the scale effect, or add a simple standalone octave effect. I love modulating the octave on a running pattern in a range of -2/+2 or something. I’m getting the WMD Volts to do that, but of course it would be much nicer to have it in the Hermod.