Incorrect Scales?

I was using Scaler2 to generate some chord progressions which I then can plug into Hapax. I was working in F Lydian mode which according to Scaler2 contains F G A B C D E, and this seems to be referenced on the Internet also. Scaler2 also suggests A# is a common alternative note.

However in Hapax, F Lydian is F G A B C D D#

I’m not the greatest in theory so is this a mistake or is there another Lydian mode inside Hapax that I’m not seeing.

Side note: it would be great to be able to program scales - this would resolve any issues like this.

Currently, the only Lydian scale available in Hapax is the Lydian Dominant, a.k.a. Lydian b7, hence the Eb instead of the E.

So the bug seems to be that the regular Lydian diatonic mode is missing, rather than the Lydian Dominant being incorrect. I’ll open a bug report.


Got it - thanks for the clarification. Hoping user scales might be a future addition :-))

I hope they will add an option to auto detect the correct scale dependent on the existing notes in the clip. The Deluge does exactly this with just 1 press on a button. Pretty genius, as you don’t have to scroll through lots and lots of scales.

Also a “fold” option (similar to Ableton) to just show the rows of existing notes, so hide the others. That would be extremely useful!

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Yeah to both of those - especially fold.