Improvements / workarounds for CV In & Patterns

The refinements to the ModMatrix are awesome and for me was one of the best updates to the Hermod.

However, it’s still very difficult to get programmed step sequences to play nice with the Mod Matrix CV Ins - specifically note changes (but probably not exclusive to that).

For example, program a sequence and then use the Mod Matrix to change the sequence via a Scale effect (Transpose or Root Note are good examples). You will hear the original note and then a split second later the note will play again as the Mod Matrix makes the adjustment. You can remove the retriggering by going into the Midi Effect In and switching off Retrigger, but you will still hear pitch shift.

It suggests there is a latency between what is going out of the Hermod vs what is going into the Hermod (that in turn effects what is going out).

How do people get around this? What are your strategies to make compositions that can evolve using the CV inputs?

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