Importing type 1 midi files seems to work but skips pattern slot 1?

I just did a little experiment importing a few kick drum patterns into a tracks patterns via creating a type 1 midi file, but when I loaded the project it populated patterns 2-5 rather than 1-4 on track 1. I created the type 1 midi file by making four separate patterns in Ableton, then importing those into pro tools and exporting all midi as a type 1 file. The tracks in pro tools were named midi 1-4, does numbering them 0-3 make more sense, or would that be irrelevant?

Bonus Question: is there some setting I’m missing where you can make a track’s length automatically match the bar length of imported midi files?

I experience that also.
Word has it that Bitwig created Type 1 SMF’s will import as expected.

As for matching the length: I believe that’s in the .pyr part of the data, not the MIDI files. I find that the data is there, I just have to manually adjust length.

I did quite a lot of testing on this, and detailed my findings in this post

as you can see, many have little ‘quirks’ … I think its the nature of the beast, and you just have to work around and get used to what your daw does.

to me it seems ok, to do once in a while, but I don’t think it’d be much fun to be going backwards/forwards between pyramid and daw like this.

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