Importing midi files

Hi, I have some midi files from the past that I want to bring into the pyramid to work with. I put them on the sd card but I can’t seem to see them and import them. The manual doesn’t explain either. Guidance is appreciated.

Please search the forum this has been discussed quite a lot.

Basically you need to creat track on pyramid and then edit it.

I did a search before I posted, found one that listed steps but it was truncated. If someone can post steps I can follow that would be great.

as I said,

create a project, and track on the pyramid.

this will give you a file called track01.mid (etc) on the sdcard in the project folder

simply take this file (*)
edit in your daw,
save it back to the sdcard overwriting original.

thats its.
there really is nothing more to it…

as discussed in other posts, there is no concept of import/export of midi on the pyramid.
these midi files are what the pyramid uses to store all midi events.

it is important however, you check the others posts carefully as there are various limitations,
so these posts will help set your expectations, and also understand better what is going on.

(*) back it up, in case you ‘break it’

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