Imported Midi slows down towards end of song

Hello, I’m having an issue with some of my imported Midi songs. Towards the end of the track the tempo slows down and the squarp won’t let me stop the song until its over. Anyone else have this issue? is there a way I can bypass it?

I personally haven’t run into this nor do I recall anyone relating anything similar.
Can you post the project file, perhaps?
Does this happen with any other important .mid files?
Have you tried creating a new Pyramid project and re-importing the MIDI files?
Is there anything possibly ‘curious’ about the imported MIDI data? Or perhaps lots of data (CC)?

It does this on 3 of the 15 songs I’ve imported. I’ll upload a video tomorrow. Theres shouldn’t be too much midi data, its 6 tracks and 129 measures

Hey :slight_smile:

Did you solved the issue ? If I were you I would try to desactivate CC’s (into the clip before importation) or after importation in the Pyramid midi out options, just to be sure no CC’s are involved into this !

Are you sure the “slowing down” in the end is not written into the midi clip itself (The end could be off grid, intentionally)

Here’s a video of what’s going on. I also included the midi files. CC is turned off so I’m not sure how else to fix this

Hey now. Thanks for this.

That’s just crazy.
I noticed there are some timing issues when fills happen, but when everything drops down it’s definitely seeming like the tempo changed.

Note: I converted the mp4 to a WAV and dumped it into Ableton to check the timing. Everything seemed fine until the first ‘fill’. Then it was kind of stable to the next fill, then things went wonky slow.

This is curious because I was doing " a thing " with my Pyramid control system and was experiencing a massive slowdown similar to what happens on your fills (and, incidentally, during my own fill triggering). However, I’m assuming you are playing static MIDI files and not doing the stupid stuff I do. heh

I don’t have a direct answer, since I haven’t run into this, but things to check:

  • What PyraOS are you running? (Install the most recent)
  • Check for any BPM FX, or are there any MIDI FX on this Project at all? (wait, that wouldn’t be a thing because the screen with the BPM would change also. Hrmm)
  • Here’s a thought: It looks like the MIDI File is very long. I’d make a note of where the Project first starts to go wonky and then delete about half the information before that point, and shift all the data to the beginning (so you end up with about half the song before the slow down point). Then play it. If it still slows down in the same place, it’s more likely something in the data I’m thinking.

I’m stumped and might suggest contacting Squarp. I’d imagine they’d ask you for a Project file where this occurs.

Apologies I can’t be of any more assistance.
Perhaps someone here who is smrt might chime in. (I’m one of the dumb ones) :wink:

edit to add:
Another test might be if you’re running multiple Pyramid Tracks is to cut out some of the Tracks and see if you experience the same thing. That is, if your Project is Drums on Track 01, Bass on Track 02, etc…then maybe only play a few of the Tracks to see if you experience the same thing.

When I ran into timing issues doing “something else” (but the effect is similar) I would record the audio from my rig into Ableton and then use the metronome to review the timing. I noticed what helped was to use an external clock, also. If you have an alternate clock source, I’d suggest testing that out too.

Alright thank you, I’ll give it a shot. I was actually thinking of getting a master clock to connect to the midi in. Ill try contacting squarp and see what they say aswell

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