Idea for a 2 Project Mode

I am amazed at how well thought out the Pyramid is and how many features it packs, but it seems to me that a lot of hardware seq people actually want to use them, to be able to integrate them in a live setup.

This has me wondering if it wouldn’t be a better approach than instead of having 4 banks of 16 Tracks with 32 pattern each, to have a mode where a song is only 2 banks of 16 tracks x 32 patterns and then you could cycle load songs A->B->A->B to play a live set.

I think I certainly have enough space to create a track with 32 tracks with 32 patterns each.

This would surely be problem with the SEQ workflow, but I’m sure some solution to this could be found as well. It just would be such a joy to be able to play endlessly with the pyramid, without needing to have a 2nd machine that slaves to the clock for the transitions.


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I’ve no idea, but sounds like a bit too radical a change for a mature product, but perhaps they will consider for a new product?!

in the meantime, could you not do something similar with what we have already?
so use BANK A/B for patterns 1-16, use BANK C/D for 17-32.
then use SEQ to select patterns and mute appropriately?

seems like the only real difference is A & C are independent, so you have to copy FX and midi channel info, but that could be creatively useful.

thanks for the info,

I could to do that, but it wouldn’t fit a 2 hour live set. I’d have to load new songs somehow.
I actually think the pyramid doesn’t need a version 2, lot of stuff could be integrated by updates to pyraOS (as it has been)

would that still not be the case for your suggestion…

I don’t see how what your suggesting would reduce the number of events, which is the real limit on the pyramid (due to memory usage)… its just laying them out differently.

the total amount of memory at any given time would be the same of course. But since you could load Song B while Song A is playing, you could just keep loading new songs while the other one is still beating along.

yeah, that requires that the songs are basically separate projects , so the pyramid would have two projects (albeit half current size) , which you can load independently.

anyway, have a chat wtih Squarp, they are the only ones that can say, if this is something they would consider doing.

also, have a look around the forum, its been discussed quite a lot in the past about how to transition between songs using the pyramid… including how to stucture a project, to try to avoid loading new projects - not sure there are any perfect solutions, but might given you some ideas.

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