Idea: Assign a Pattern column to one-shots

When performing a piece, I will be in pattern view most, if not all, the time.
I was just thinking how cool it would be, if we could assign a track (column) to be for triggering one-shots. Let’s say I select track 16 on the pattern page, and assign it to be One-shot. Then for every one of the eight pads in that column, I would assign a midi out and a midi note number. This way I could have a selection of one-shot samples/sounds spread over several devices, ready to be triggered at any time from the pattern page.

It would in a way be similar to having a track be set to drum mode and be on the Live page, but that Live page would only be one column wide and actually be on the Pattern page. (I hope that made sense.) A one-shot track would have its own colour on the Pattern page. A one-shot track would have no Step page. Possibly one could select one-shots to be quantized.

I think this would be amazing for performance, and a great way of take advantage of more pads on the Pattern page, if you are not using all 16 tracks for patterns.

Waddya all think?


@LarsDaniel I saw your video on YT regarding your workaround for this although it wasn’t clear how you were “triggering” those samples? Are you simply sending CC messages to trigger the clip? Do you know if it’s possible to employ the same technique to trigger a sample on the Digitakt or within Ableton Live?

I just use a midi note. So yes, you can use it for any kind of triggering anywhere.