iConnectivity mioXL & HAPAX


I just recieved my Hapax yesterday and trying to get it to work with my iConnectivity mioXL. Unfortunately I am not able to send any notes out from the hapax to the synths connected to the mioXL. When I play notes on my synths the Hapax recognizes them and is showing what I play. I also recorded midi notes in, but I can’t play it back.

Maybe someone can help me to set this up correctly. ALso the hapax is connected to the iConnectivity mioXL via the USB host port.

I have a different iConnectivity device but I guess it should work the same: How did you do the midi routing on the mioXL?

Thank you for your help. I connected the mioXL from the usb DAW port into the Hapax. And in the Auracle Software I am still a bit lost. I am not sure where I have to do the correct routing. I assume I have to do this at the USB DAW Input section. For Example I have connected an Oberheim OB-X8 to USB Host 2…I will then route this at the USB DAW Input section to USB Host HST 2 and USB DAW HST 2? Also I am not sure what output at the Hapax I have to choose. Is it USB Host?

I have my Hapax connected to my mioXL using the regular (DAW/device) usb port of the Hapax, connected to one of the usb host ports on the mioXL.

Works like a charm.

Make sure you don’t have any filtering going on in the mioXL and setup the routing correctly.

You can connect via either the host port or the “to host” DAW port. Just use the corresponding (really opposite) type of port on Hapax.

My Hapax records from and controls multiple keyboards, a synth, sampler and drum machine through my MioXM. As a previous poster said, it works like a charm.

Thank you for your answers. Unfortunately I don’t understand the midi Routing on the mioXl. My current Setup is an OB-X8 on the USB HST 2, a Roland juno 106 on the DIN Midi 1 and a Minimoog on the DIN Midi 2. From the mioXL usb-DAW I go into the usb host of the hapax. I am afraid to ask, but can somebody help me on the configuration…also with the track inputs and outputs of the tracks on the hapax.

@Martins send screenshots of the MIDI Routing and Filter & Remap pages in Auracle for the MioXL. I’ll take a look at it.

Here’s the way I do it:

  • In MIDI Routing, click on each Input, then click the pencil icon so you can name the port (avoids confusion as you build your routing table)
  • Click an Input and click the pencil icon for each Output and name them as well
  • Click an Input (the OB-XA for example)
  • Under Output click on all the destinations MIDI should be sent to from that keyboard (such as Hapax)
  • Repeat in the opposite direction. For example, select Hapax as Input and click all the desired Output targets, such as your OB-XA)
  • Test
  • When it works satisfactorily, under Presets save as a Preset
  • Select that Preset from the front panel

Hint: I find it easier to connect Hapax to a Host port, as you avoid the issues of which of the HST’s you’re sending from in the USB DAW port. I reserve USB DAW for my computer and/or BomeBox, which behaves as a computer would. Computers open multiple MIDI ports through a single USB. Hapax doesn’t as far as I know.

Set each Hapax track to the Output and Input the MioXL is connected to (USB Host or USB Device). By default, Hapax assigns each track to the numerical equivalent MIDI channel. You can choose the track representing the MIDI channel your OB-XA is set to, or choose any track and adjust the Channel.

One issue in a hub and spoke MIDI network is MIDI echo. In Hapax 1.2 or greater, you’ll want to select this parameter:

  • New MIDI IN parameter REC ONLY under ‘NOTES’, ‘CC’, ‘PITCHBEND’ and ‘PRESSURE’ (do not pass through incoming notes, but allow record, can avoid midi echo)

I hope that helps!


I just went through a refresh of all my MIDI routing as well. One decision you’ll probably need to make is whether you want Hapax to send MIDI directly to your synths AND to your DAW, or just to your DAW. I ended up only sending MIDI to my DAW and letting the DAW send MIDI to outboard gear. This encourages me to record everything at the cost of being tethered to a computer unless I want to go edit configs on the mio. I have a mio10, which only appears to have one preset that can be saved. It looks like the MioXL has more than one preset, so you could have a preset for DAW control and a preset for direct device control for a DAWless session (record onto the Hapax).

In my config, I have the Hapax A, B, C, D Midi out connected to the Mio DIN 8, 9, 10, and 2 ports respectively. I have computers connected on USB-1 and USB-2. In Auracle, I map the source for A (DIN 8) to DIN 8 under the Device Port to Computer/DAW [Jack 1] column, and DIN 8 under the Device Port to Computer/DAW [Jack 2] column. Then I do the same for DIN 9, 10, and 2.

Other tips:

  • If you’re using MacOS, I wouldn’t bother with the network MIDI. It works, but you need to reconnect it every time you reboot your OS. A little too much trouble compared to USB.
  • If you rename your ports in the “Device Port to Computer” sections, you can get a more descriptive name for the ports to show up in your OS. Mine are set like “Hapax D DIN 2”, etc. I’m not sure if it’s the source or destination setting that does it, but if you spend a few minutes setting them everywhere, you’ll be thankful later when you’re trying to figure out what goes where.

Good luck!