I would love some LOW LEVEL Midi FX

The squarp Midi FX are one of its unique features, and they are awesome! However, the FX that are currently on the box are very full featured (like the arpeggiator for instance) and I often run into limitations because there are not enough ways to combine the fx, because the fx cannot be easily attenuated/attenuverted and multiple modulation soruces cannot be eaqsily applied to the same operation There are 8 slots for fx, and i hardly ever use all 8 at the same time, so adding a bunch of very minimal low level FX could actually fix this.

Here are some fx that i suggest should be added:

  • CLAMP ,, → : make sure a value stays in a range and output it again.
  • CLAMP PITCH , → same for pitch
  • COMPARE , ->destination : IF value1 > value2 THEN output outputValue1 ELSE outputValue2 ENDIF. This could be used to make interesting “discrete” switches between certain fx based on LFOs. it can be somewhat simulated by modulation ON/OFF (which i do a lot) but this is way more flexible.
  • MIX , , <dry/wet> → : mix 2 input sources (e.g. LFOs or CCs to a new destination using a dry/wet, so dry is wet is
  • MULTIPLY , → (MIX is actually a form of addition but you could multiply 2 sources as well)
  • APPLY PROJECT TRANSPOSE/CHORD: to apply the track 16 fx later in the fx chain. especially the chords one would be really nice to apply after randomized pitch transposes have been done instead of before.