Humanize and chance sync?

Quantize and chance sync question.

So I’ve been super confused about the chance effect. The chance sync wasn’t making sense despite having read several threads about it. With an arp set to 8th notes, and chance sync set to 100 for 1/4, Every note on the quarter grid should play, in theory. Well, it wasn’t right. I checked my quantize settings, and I had humanize on ±10%. When I turned the humanize to 0, It seemed to work as expected. Does this seem how it works or am I nuts?

Does this mean any notes that are not exactly on the grid cannot have a different chance based on chance sync?

Do any of you have a workflow where you can effectively use chance sync and the humanize function together? I’m not trying to sound like a robot arp machine.

(Edit) – Oops, I said something stupid

Humanizer is in the quantizer, which cannot be moved?

No, you’re right, sorry.

Because the notes are shifted from the exact 1/4, you can’t leverage chance sync indeed

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Thanks, just trying to make sure I’m correct to understand what’s going on.

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You can humanise with sync chance with a loopback

There’s a gap between saying somethings possible and providing useful insight. I would imagine a loopback requires setting your hardware up in a specific way and/or requiring processing by another midi processor and is only possible with specific setups. I currently need both 5-pins out going to hardware.

Okay then.
Apologies my post was not useful to you.

Edit to add: and in error. Apologies again.
I checked a previous related thread and as chaocrator points out you cannot achieve a negative humanise percentage with a loopback.

I’ll lose out on pure randomness, but the easier thing to do is just consolidate a large number of bars, pick out some good sections to copy and paste, and then turn humanize back on.

I failed to understand the chance functionality after reading the docks a few time, still not sure I totally understand it.
I also failed to find a way to humanize notes to move them a little ahead of the beat w/o losing the first beat of a pattern (because it would play before the pattern began, I guess?).

I gave up and haven’t revisited those features since last Summer. Would love to hear some advice from anyone who has some tips.

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I wish I could take the best of the pyramid and mash it with the best of an Akai MPC. I hate to say it here, but the way the MPC handles note timing and swing is superior.

@sirshannon If you edit all the first step notes to ‘drag’ by a set amount, for example set them all to be late by 20, and have humanize set to something lower than your drag, like ±10, do those first notes still fail to trig?

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I will try this and report back.

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You can automate the Humanization. Perhaps turn it off for the first beat? Step Mode might be easiest to do that

Edit to add: you can automate Enable or perhaps just the % for just the first step (perhaps allow + humanisation, but zero out negative for the first beat).

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@sirshannon The chance effect actually contains 2 probability engines. The first is just basic for all notes. The second, chance sync, is an 'exception" to the first general setting and only impacts notes that fall EXACTLY on the grid. For example, If I set an arp to 8th notes and set chance to 50 percent, half of the notes will randomly play. If I add to that, chance sync 1/4 at 100%, it means that every 8th note that lies on the quarter note grid (otherwise known as THE BEAT,) will play and not be subject to the 50%. My original question was in regards to the timing of the “sync chance” setting. Apparently, an event needs to be exactly on the grid for chance sync to take effect, which explains why chance sync also wasn’t working with events that were live recorded, because none of them are actually on the grid.

It funny that the pyramid “Is not a step sequencer” when it’s functions require the precision of one.

To be clear, I’m not unhappy or dissatisfied, everything has methods and limitations, I’m just trying to figure out how it all works.

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