How to turn off player position indicator

since 4.01 I seem to be confused by the pads lighting up indicating the player position in step mode because I can’t tell whether the pad has an active note on it or is it the player position. I don’t remember this problem before 4.01. Is it just me or is this a new feature? Can it be disabled?

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In step mode a pad will always be lit up when you are on that page. I’m not sure if what you are describing is a setting or something else… When I updated to 4.01 I intentionally left the settings behind and so they are (for me) as near to initialized as one can get… I see no unexpected behavior.

That said, 2nd + DISP will toggle the pad follow function. I think that is what you are describing…

Bear in mind however that looking at the lcd in step mode with DISP will give you a better idea of what’s going on in a page notewise. I don’t pay attention to what the pads are doing beyond them cheerfully chasing along.

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2nd + disp just turns off or on whether the steps view is automatically scrolled to the currently playing page, it doesn’t influence whether the playing position is indicated on the pads

looking at the lcd in step mode with DISP is 99% of my work with the pyramid, but to turn notes on/off or move them around I have to use the pads and the pad lights show me where the notes are on the time axis

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Well, then unfortunately I’m not sure what you are describing… I’m also on 4.01 now and I see nothing that indicates anything has really changed… In Mono mode you will only see if a single note has been entered in to the track… and it might not be displayed… at all… if your selection is on another note. If you hit the rec button you will be on poly editing mode and something will show up on the pads on a page… if there is anything in that measure…

I don’t know what tempo you are using… or how long your sequences are… but it’s pretty impossible for me to mistake the running sequencer light (pad) with an active (note) pad…

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