How to trigger pyramid with SH 101 (ext . clk in )

hi everyone , i just bought a sh 101 , and i have a deeper mcv4 (cv to midi converter) with this i don’t have any problem for use with the pyramid , but i really want to know if with the pyramid i can do this “trigger stuff” , and if is possible how i can do . (min 5:20)

in the video matthew johnson uses a cirklon for trigger the internal sequencer of the sh 101 with the ext. clk input.

If someone can help me, I appreciate .


Yep. Just use the CV Env out and connect it to the Ext Clk In on the 101.

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@JimBrackpool is exactly right.
Connect the CV output to the CV input of the SH-101, and the Gate output to the Gate input of the SH-101.
Then be sure and choose your midi channel to be CV (CCW from Midi CH 1)
And you’re done.

Also, you can use the SH-101 as your monophonic master controller too. Connect CV and Gate out of the SH-101 and hook them up to your CV/Gate inputs! Party!

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