How to sync the Squarp with Ableton?

Hi all,
I want to get an APC40 AKAI and I wonder if through it I can sync the Pyramid, so it syncs with the Ableton clock.
Is that possible ?
I mainly want to use the AKAI for drums and VST and Pyramid to sync all the gears with the Ableton tempo.

Any idea on how to do that?

Connect pyramid to ableton.
Set ableton to send midi clock/transport.
Set pyramid to receive midi clock/transport in settings / midi in for usb.

Check midi out / usb clock = off

This makes pyramid slave to ableton.

Not quite sure what you mean by

As you don’t mention any gear

But if you have a extra synth you can connect to din a/b and then set midi out / clock to on , if they need clock.

Check the pyramid manual, settings midi in/out , its all in there


I meant that once Pyramid is in sync wit Live all the machines I use with midi thru to Pyramid are working in sync too.

Btw thank you so much, I will try this afternoon :slight_smile: