How to sync Hapax to modular using Pamela's Workout

Hi all, just sharing the results of some testing I’ve done recently.
I wanted to sync clock and transport between Hapax and my modular, specifically going via Pamela’s New Workout.
I got this working well using 2 of the Hapax Gate outputs into Clock and Run on Pam’s, but it seemed a waste to use half of the gate outputs just for this, so I wanted to do it via Midi, but I wanted a neat solution which didn’t include any extra boxes, power supplies or converters if possible.
I’m pleased to report that as explained in the manual, Hapax Midi Din port C is special and can output a Din-sync signal if you enable this in the settings and that this is totally compatible with the Clock and Run inputs on Pam’s.
All you need once you have this setting is a Midi cable with all pins connected (really you only need 1, 2, and 3, but some cables only have 2, 4, & 5 as that’s all regular midi needs) and a specific splitter like the ALM Din-sync adapter cable, which is readily available and nice and cheap :slight_smile:


Here’s the setting you need on Hapax (you don’t need to also enable the clock+transport midi setting)

And here’s the matching on on Pam’s


I’ve just begun to venture into the whole eurorack thing and am compiling a small little skiff. Im planning to use Pam’s Pro for the modular side of things and I really appreciate this post seeing how I can easily hook my Hapax up with Pam’s!
I was looking at those expander units, but this saves me some money and space!

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