How to stop hapax sending midi out when recording?

with my old Pyuramid, there was a midi echo feature that I could disable. This prevented received notes being transmitted out again. I cant seem to find a way to do this with Hapax?

I have the Midi thru turned off for all outputs - as I assumed this was the setting, but its not working.

I have my routing setup so that my master controller goes to a midi bay, then onto all my synth modules (using midi channela). Theres also a feed to Hapax to record notes. Hapax then feeds back into this midi bay for when I play back. Obviously theres a loop here. Its not a problem with playback as I can configure the patch bay to only send received inputs to certain outs (so I have Hapax fed from Midi out 1, and it returns on input 1 - but I have the bay configures so input 1s data goes to all outs EXCEPT 1).

The problem is when recording - as my synths get the direct note (from the controller thu the bay) and also one from Hapax. OB6 and P6 arnt a problem as they still just play 1 voice. My Fantom isnt a problem as when its set to external 9so its sending data out) its not playing its internal engine (in this case i WANT the Hapax to send the data out - though I can enable both internal and external sounds in fantom which is what I dod with Pyramid).

the problem comes with Virus - which playes two of the same note, and mroe importnatly peak which does the same - and this only has 8 voices so its critical I can disable.

I have a couple of work arounds for now.

The First, I set the tracks output to Midi D (which Im not using) when recording, but then I have to set it back to A (in the case of Peak) to playback - which is a PITA…

the second, I have fantom connected to Hapax out B (so I can use all 16 channels) while the patch bay is fed from out A. So i can play zone 16 on fantom (which is using channel 16) and record channel 8 (peaks channel) in HAPAX. This then just plays Peak via Hapax (as Ch 16 isnt connected to any external synth). This is fine for now UNTIL Hapax gets Pyramids old trick of auto recording the channel its receiving (whcih I believe is on the roadmap).

So - long term I will DEFINATELY need to stop Hapax transmitting data for the track its recording (though it needs to for tracks playing back - which the anti echo feature on Pyramid did). Ideally Id like that now lol, so I get used to the long term workflow.

Any idea if this is possible, and I just havent found it? If its not the midi thu seetting (Settings, Midi thru, Midi in - Midi A, Midi in - Midi B etc) then what is this feature actually for? (as there is no dedicated midi thru - or is that turning a soft thru on and off? though shouldnt taht do what Im trying to achieve anyway?).

OR SHOULD that be dong what Im trying to achive, but its not (faulty? needs another setting enabled etc?)

Any help here is much appreciated.

i just run MIDI Out from my keyboard controller (Alpha Juno set to Local Control OFF) into Hapax MIDI In. Then run Hapax MIDI A Out into my 8-plug MIDI Thru box, which sends all the sequencing info from Hapax to RD-9, Digitone, 303 clones etc. on their MIDI Ins – I use the Hapax USB MIDI directly into MPC One because it’s the only thing that really takes full advantage of USB MIDI at the moment.

as you seem to already surmise, i’m guessing your problem is coming from sending the master controller into the MIDI bay at the same time you’re sending it into Hapax to record notes. Hapax will route the MIDI notes to the right channel if you run it into the MIDI bay. with Local OFF on my Alpha Juno, it just plays whatever instrument is on the currently active Hapax track (and itself when i select Track One, MIDI Ch 1). no echo problem at all with this routing

yeh, I COULD run directly intop HAPX, then out to the bay which would stop the problem…

BUT: I have 4 keybeds going into the patch bay, and I use all 4 to record at times (Fantom is my main synth, RD2000 for hammer action, Iridium for Polyu AT - when Hapax supports it but only 49keys so dont want to use that solo). As such I cant really connect all 4 direct to Hapax.

Also, I only turn Hapax on when sequencing - which is about 20% of the time… for the rest I need the set up as is.

As I say on Pyramid, there was an “anti echo” feature. When enabled (cant recall if it was global or per track - think it was global) Notes received at the input were NOT sent to the output. Only notes already recorded were output. This works a treat. I assumed the Midi thru settings were the same feature but per output. It appears not.

Not really sure what Midi thru on and off IS - given there are not midi thu ports. Id just assumed to stopped the notres at input going to the relevant outpurts - which (at least in my head) is EXACTLY what I want. Either that function isnt working as it should, or Im completely misundertand what it IS for (more likely).


Its actually in the Midi in section - and its under notes. i had it on accept, but you can also set to ignore and record only. When set to record only, it does exactly what I was looking for.



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