How to solo track(s)?

Hi there !

Currently checking the online manual but i can’t find how to solo track(s).

I must be missing it ! Do you know where it’s at ?



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That is not currently supported.

Hey @Thibault_Squarp,

Merci !

Should I understand that you guys are planning to implement this feature ?

The machine is awesome, this would raise it up a little more !

BTW : being able to solo (well… isolate) multiple tracks simultaneously would be super nice ; )

cheers !

You probably know this, but here goes anyway:
As is, there is a two-button-press work-around that may help, although not exactly the same as what you are asking for.
(It requires you have an empty row of patterns, and that you are in Pattern mode.)

  1. Launch the empty row of patterns.
  2. Launch the pattern of the track you want to hear.
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Hey @LarsDaniel

Thanx for your trick, i’m gonna try it tonight !

Well it’s a clever workaround, thank you.

Let’s still hope @squarp will implement a proper solo later on though ; )



My (by now) preferred workaround:
Press mute + proA (or proB) to mute all tracks and still pressing mute press preferred track button to solo.
To Un-solo press mute + proA (mute all tracks) and again proA (unmute all tracks).
This way I save a pattern row. :wink:



Good one. :+1:t2: