How to sequence multiple instrument tracks Hapax

New Hapax owner and really enjoying the workflow. I want to know how to setup a new project template to sequence multiple synthesizer tracks assigned to Hapax.


Track 1 - Oberheim OB X8 preset A
Track 2 - Oberheim OB X8 preset B
Track 3- Virus TI2 bank a patch 1
Track 4 - Virus TI2 bank b patch 1
Track 5- Elektron Digitone
Track 6- modular drums over cv

How would I do this on the Hapax? Also since the Virus and OB X8 are multi timbral poly synths, I want to sequence multiple parts from each synth.

Hi there. It really is best to watch tutorials from Technobear, Loopop, Red Means Recording and for really detailed basic functionality use, Ron Cavagnaro, as this will give you a solid understanding of the architecture and functionality of Hapax.

If you’ve already done that, then I’d suggest the next step would be to create instrument definition files for each of these pieces of hardware (all related links and examples are in the manual), so that you can map the midi CC, NRPN, Automation Lanes etc. functionality of each piece of kit to the Hapax. There may already be files on the forum for your kit, so search this first.

Once you have created the files and successfully tested them out with your synths, then you can assign each of your channels with one of your corresponding definition files. I’m not sure if the CV functionality works in the same way, with definition files, as not tried this, but I’m sure someone else will be able to chip in here to advise.

So, from your example:

Track 1 - Oberheim OB X8 preset A (use an OBX8 definition file and make sure it is programmed to focus on the preset A midi commands)

Track 2 - Oberheim OB X8 preset B (use a different OBX8 definition file that is focused on the preset B midi commands)

Track 3- Virus TI2 bank a patch 1 (as per OBX8 A/B approach but with a Virus definition file)

Track 4 - Virus TI2 bank b patch 1 (as above)

  • in terms of multitimbral functionality, you may be able to squeeze all A/B commands onto one definition file, but you’d need to look at how these midi messages are managed in the synth manuals to get an idea. Perhaps it’s best to keep them separate to avoid sending wrong midi messages from one sequencer lane to another.

Track 5- Elektron Digitone (create a file - I’m sure if one already exists on the forum, but you may wish to adjust the functionality to suit your needs)

Track 6- modular drums over cv (not sure on CV, but you can see how CV works in the manual and also intuitively by scrolling through the menus)

I had trouble understanding everything at first, but after a few hours of reading forum comments, it clicked - it really is quite straight forward once you pick up the basics.

In terms of setting up a template, perhaps you can set up the above config and save it as ‘Template’ and then every time you open this up to create a new project, you could just quickly save as a different name so you don’t affect the original template file. It’s probably not necessary as it’s so quick and easy to set up a project, but you’ll see this once you have more exposure to the functionality.

Hope that helps

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with the Digitone, did you just plan on syncing its patterns to the Hapax sequence or actually programming the four tracks separately on four different Hapax MIDI channels (which is how I use mine)? each Digitone track can be on its own MIDI channel, but then you’re basically locking yourself into a single voice per track, per pattern. otherwise you’ll need to send clock+transport to Digitone i imagine to take full advantage of the Elektron sequencing

ok will do that but how do I create these definition files?

You’ll need a computer and they are created in text files. The text files will need to be saved onto the SD card. You really need to read the manual here first and then look at one of the example definition files they give to get an idea of what to do

both ways would be ideal to make things interesting if possible

thanks do you have an example or link to how I would do this? I will see what I can dig up and ask Squarp, Virus and Oberheim support as well.

Here’s the page in the manual:

All the downloadable file examples are linked on this page

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All the midi CC info is in the manual of each synth. So for the OBX8, it’s on page 112, under Midi Implementation

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So basically look at one of the recent examples I posted for the Prophet REV2 on this forum. Open the text file and see the CC numbers listed in the file. Look at the Oberheim CC numbers and literally cut and paste them into the text file, replacing the CC numbers I’ve used for the REV2.
That should get you started.
Make sure you set the midi channel number etc. correctly at the top of the text file.

NRPN numbers don’t work too well at the moment as they use the same midi implementation as Sequential, so don’t bother with these for now - perhaps delete them from my file as they won’t work for your OB.

Here is the link :

Copy the text into a blank text file etc.

Read the manual on where to save files. It’s a 1 minute read, literally.

Hope that helps

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thank you all for the super fast help! Lots to learn this year for me since the OB X8, Virus and Squarp hapax are brand new to me. Really fun music making tools.

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