How to send neverending note once?

is it possible to send one note on message on pyramid start with note off on stop only?

only way I’ve found is unfortunately a bit convoluted:

set up pattern as a one shot, trigger note and cc64 (sustain). this should sustain until cc64 is 0, or pyramid is stopped.

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You can also use LIVE mode and set hold to on (press 2nd+PLAY once). When you play a note, it will be held forever. Hold state is remembered per track, so you can mute/unmute the track to trigger the note.

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the live hold suggestion is currently the quickest way.

an inf max value for note length (as on the octatrack midi sequencer) would be nice though

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Can you not just edit your synth patch to ignore Note Off or never achieve Release state, in the hopes that it will still respond to All Notes Off?

Ooh…if you use an event filter and need to do this often, just strip Note Off Events for that Channel/Note On Event and then create a separate trigger for generating the Note Off Event. Or if all Notes on a MIDI Channel turn off at once, use the channel All Notes Off/Mute and then no extra pgmg.

I found the first suggestion most helpful and it worked on the first try, thanks @palm !
thank you all others too

oh there was an older thread with practically the same question Avoiding retriggers for pads/drones