How to record a Euclid pattern that plays a selection of chords over 16 bars?

I have just received my Pyramid and am trying to work it all out. I could really use a little guidance to help me solve a problem with the Euclid mode sequence length…

I have a track assigned to a polyphonic piano instrument. I have selected Euclid mode on the Pyramid. I have pressed play on the Pyramid and I have played an Amin chord on my midi keyboard (also connected to the Pyramid).
I now hear the Amin chord being played in the rythmn defined in the Pyramids Euclid mode. All is good so far.

But now I want to perform a sequence of chords (Amin, Fmaj, Gmaj, Emin etc etc), that lasts 16 bars long, live on my midi keyboard and hear the Euclid mode play them rythmically (as per above), but this time I want the Pyramid to also record the whole 16 bar sequence of chords. When I play this back I want to hear the same 16 bar sequence of chords played back as per the selected Euclidean rythm pattern.

Can this be done and if so please could you outline for me what steps I should take to achieve this?

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Yeah it wont; do that (record chord changes and remember them) in eucld mode.
You’ll have to break it up so each euclidian sequence is a single chord and then play the patterns in sequence. (not that I’ve done this - but that’s the theory)
You can ‘consolidate’ each chord so saving the euclid rhythm,

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Use a euclidean track and enable transpose. then record your note changes to the master transpose track. It will playback as you played it. i would imagine you could send this out on a midi cable looped out to in to a different midi channel and then record it on that other midi track.


Thanks for the tip Bambrose. Is it easy or hard to play the patterns in sequence like you suggest if they are, say, 11 beats long but everything else is 16 beats per pattern?
I’m still in the very early stages of Pyramid ownership so forgive me if that is a daft question hehe! :slight_smile:

@Robotboot that sounds very interesting.
So I enable ‘master transpose-able’ on the Euclidean track in which I am playing my triad chord. Then record note changes on the master track. I think I tried this but found the note changes on the Master Track only caused simple +/- X semitone transpositions of that original triad to happen. What I want to do is be able to change the chord from major to minor etc as well as transpose it up or down. Correct me if I am wrong but so far I have been unable to get the Master Transpose track to do that.

The midi loop idea is something I started to try out and then confused the heck out of myself lol. How would I get the euclid output back to midi-in on new channel whilst at the same time being able to play the external midi keyboard and therefore change the chords manually during playback/record?

What I have managed to do is sync Pyramid to cubase and record it that way. But it would be so good to not have to involve a DAW.

ah i see why the master track transpose will not work now. but if you are getting to to work live the midi must be there for the loop. So the midi input track of the squarp is not changeable. Pad 1 is midi track 1. But the output track is changeable per track so you would need to do something like this. put euclidean mode on track 1. output track ones midi as midi 2 set your synth to midi 2 and plug that output back into the squarp and record on track 2. You will have to have the omni mode enabled and possible mess with the midi echo settings.

Thank you Robotboot, I really like the sound of your idea!
I would like to try this but I am not sure that I fully understand how to do it on the Pyramid…

Please can you tell me if I should enable Omni in the Pyramid or the midi controller keyboard or both? On the pyramid where should I set this please?

Once I hear back from you, regarding Omni, I will follow these steps:-
Step 1: Put Euclidean mode on Pyramid track 1
Step 2: Set the midi output channel of Track 1 to midi channel 2
Step 3: Set my midi controller keyboard’s midi output channel to midi channel 2. The midi controller keyboard is connected using a midi cable from its ‘midi out’ port to the Pyramid’s ‘midi in’ port.
Step 4: Set Track2 on the Pyramid to be 16 bars long and also set it to record in ‘Live’ mode.
Step 5: Press record and play different chords on the midi controller keyboard for 16 bars.
Step 6: Upon play back of the recording I should now hear the chords played with the Euclidean meter/rhythmn.

Does this list of steps look correct?

Many thanks!

enable Omni in the Pyramid?

Sounds right.