How to play chords and split them to cv via midi? Midi to Modular

i was wondering if someone found a workaround to “transfer” chords with a midi to cv interface (where you can map different cv , like the polyend) without having per midi channel eachtime put one note of chord ?
multirecording and midi effects per channel to filter some note ?

I don’t really understand what you mean…
the pyramid only has the one pitch/gate output , so no chance to use that for chords.

and if you’re using midi with a midi to cv module, then handling polyphony is a function of the midi2cv module, rather than that the source of the midi (e.g. pyramid) - certainly things like hermod, fh-2, polyend handle this.

so I cant really envisage what you mean…unless ive misunderstood you completely :wink:

have you got a midi2cv interface that is mono, but also has cc you’re thinking to convert notes to CC? i think this not going to work without something that knows how to ‘track’ polyphonic voices e.g. counting notes (of chord) and allocating a different one for each note.

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hi thanks for your reply ,
yes i was meaning midi to cv
i have a polyend midi to cv , polyend poly 2
i didn’t know that the polyend has a way to handle chords

Yup, this is what first and next mode does on the poly 2.

As I said a pretty standard feature on polyphonic midi2cv modules :slight_smile:

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thanks didnt try it . imagined it in my mind first :wink: