How to pause pyramid with logic pro X

hi everyone ,
second time i don’t understand difference of behavior with logic pro and Live .
I can’t seem to pause pyramid together with logic pro which is totally possible with Live ( the pyramid would just starts again where it was paused in live )
as a slave of logic each time it pauses and then jump back directly to stop mode which brings pyramid completely at the beginning of the track .
am i missing something ?
by the way my beatstep pro react well to pause with logic .
any idea ?
would be of a great help . it’s so frustrating when working on segment of a song that pyramid starts again at the beginning.
thanks for your help

Ive just tested this, and believe this is a ‘bug’ caused by a small enhancement in firmware 3.0

I’ve submitted the follow bug report to @squarpadmin

I’d recommend that you test the hypothesis of this bug report, against your observations.
(e.g. that clock timeout is the underlying issue) … so that if it is fixed in accordance with my observations that it resolves your issue.

if your DAW supports the ability to send clock whilst the transport is STOPPED, then you can workaround this bug by activating that feature.
unfortunately, I think this feature is less common in DAWs that hardware sequencers.

for now if this is important to you, I would setup the Pyramid as clock master (assuming possible with your daw)

bug report

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@Thibault_Squarp , something i forgot to mention on my bug report…

I have play pad = play/pause… to ensure that some how the MIDI START/CONTINUE was not somehow being influence by how the PLAY button is handled.

btw: but a bit unrelated… if the clock timeout is ‘activated’, I think the play button should respect the play pad (play/pause) setting… and not force a reset.

EDIT 1: DAW notes:

Ableton Live (10) , I cannot find a way to force it to send midi clock when transport is stopped

Bitwig 3.0 - works perfectly.
Bitwig sends clock when transport is stopped, and indeed proves my hypothesis is correct. the continue functionality works perfectly.
(this is why Ive not noticed bug before, as this recently is the daw i mainly use)

so my current tip is for everyone to move to BWS, go on, you know you want to :wink:

Logic Pro X 10.5, I cannot find a way to force it to send midi clock when transport is stopped.
(hands up, Im not that familiar with logic, though usually can find my way around!)

EDIT 2: Other daws I use

Cubase 9: works perfectly
option to send clock on stop, just dont check ‘always start/stop’ ;

Reason 10: works perfectly
it has option to send clock on stop

Renoise : not relevant
does not support continue.
Renoise - sends clock on transport STOP, but renoise doesn’t (appear to ) support MIDI CLOCK CONTINUE - a rather odd omission.


it appears Logic and Ableton are the odd ones out here… most others DAWs give the option (or hard coded) to send clock when the transport is stopped.
that said, they are two of the most popular DAW, so kind of set their own standard!

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hi ,
thanks for your tests
i think if i remember good all my fiddling , squarp would pause when connected to Logic by usb only but then they are clock issues since if other pieces of gear/ sequencers are connected via midi they react the same and restart from the beginning and then its a complete mess .
about pyramid as a master —> big problem with logic since i think logic only react to mtc as a clock not midi (completely non sense in my opinion . maybe mapping the pause and play button from pyramid to logic via cc messages .