How to mute other track while in step mode?

I am still trying to get used to the many key combinations of the Pyramid and keep running into this scenario, looking through the manual, finding no answer, and can’t believe it doesn’t exist:

If you are in step mode editing, say, track 1… while track 1 + 2 are playing, is the only way to mute track 2 to enter track mode, press track 2, then enter step mode? How could this be?

If you hold the track button while in step mode, you can press a track to switch between the current track (which is great). What I’m looking for is something like: while holding the track button in step mode, press 2nd + a track to immediately mute that track, just like it would if you were in track mode. Should I submit this as a feature request or am I missing an existing shortcut?


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I guess for that, you need to create sequences (basically a set of mute states), in step mode you can use seq button + pad to select different sets of mute states, and releasing seq button will then return to step mode.

yeah, there is no shortcut for muting , as you say, the shortcut is used to switch tracks.

yes, submit as a feature request via the contact form

as @jahasw says, only workaround I can think of is using sequences… but thats not adhoc muting.

There is a kind of shortcut: you can mute and unmute tracks via PyraMIDI. Of course that needs an external controller with plenty of buttons, but should be possible.

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Thanks for the replies, everyone! I have submitted it as a feature request.

I do have a 16-pad controller sitting around collecting dust… I might set this up just for this purpose!

I remember that in some earlier firmware version, Track-button had a doubletap function for something or other. I think that could work well for mutes with less button-reaching.

So doubletap and hold Track to go into temporary mutes mode, releasing would return to previous mode. Nothing else would need to be changed.

iirc, double tap track , used to be used for switching to pattern
but it was found to problematic by users (people have different tap speeds etc) , so was changed to another shortcut.
so I think (correctly) Squarp will be wary of using double tap again.

also double tap means, you’d have to slow down the single press (track select) to only react after the double tap time expires (yuck, for such a common operation)

I also think 2nd+track+pad is a bit cumbersome (pressing 3 things at once).
honestly, I cannot see that being much easier/precise/quicker than going into track mode…

really, the pyramid is pretty ‘crammed’ with shortcuts now…

I think you’d end up having to use another button as a shift function. e.g. something like STOP + track = mute , but Im not sure Squarp would be keen on starting to have ‘hidden’ functions like this.

but, this is all up to Squarp devs, they are the ones that have to decide on usability / functionality trade-offs… hence why feature requests need to go direct to them for the dev team to evaluate and discuss.

actually, I think @pmatilai suggestion is the best… Pyramidi was designed precisely for this use case.
to extend the UI of they pyramid to other controllers, where there is not enough ‘space’ on the pyramid itself.

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