How to I generate gate for Euclidean effect?

On Track 1 I’ve got a Mod track with a Euclid effect added, I press play, and there’s no gate output.

What else do I need to do to generate gates?

Ok, gate gets generated when I hold down a key for Track 1. How do I generate gate without having to hold down a key? I assume the Step sequencer, but how do I add a step to Mod track?

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It’s weird right?

I think the reason the step and modulation/gate information is separated is because on a modulation track, you can still enter gate information for something else.

The same is true for a track where you’d essentially wasted it on a 4x4 kick drum. you can still use the CV of that track to create an LFO or send voltage somewhere else.

On a mod track I am pretty sure you just press buttons and create gates.
If that doesn’t work, then perhaps you can either split the track into two voices (note and mod) or reverse the process and make it an ordinary track, send the modulation out the CV to wherever you’re going, and then send the Gate out to wherever you’re going.

Worst case scenario (none of that will work) you could use a second track and then route it wherever you want it to go.

Thanks, getting closer. I couldn’t figure out how to add steps on the Mod track by just pressing the buttons in Step mode, and I couldn’t figure out how to reroute a Note track to the Mod track that had the Euclid effect.

What I did was just record my midi keyboard press on the Mod track and that generates the Euclidean gates.

I am now trying to figure out how to edit my recording on the Mod track, but maybe that’s not possible and I just need to record more carefully

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You can edit modulation.

  1. Make sure you are zoomed in
  2. press the step you’d like to edit
  3. press the encoder to choose between modulation editing and gate editing
  4. holding the pad down, rotate the encoder and it moves.

If you aren’t zoomed in appropriately, the modulation all moves up and down as a group.
So make sure you’re in close enough for fine detail, or out far enough to grab the whole movement.

Ok, your step 3 was crucial, I’ve now figured out how to select gate editing.

I wasn’t able to change the length of a recorded gate, but It’s easier to use the buttons to add/edit gate steps anyway.

I sure appreciate your help Sunshine!

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