How to get Hermod to play nice with Noise Eng modules?

So last night I tried for the first time to sequence my Loquelic Iteritas, but I was pretty disappointed to find I can only use 1 octave, which I believe is due to the Loquelic only responding to positive 0 - 5v. Is there no way to get Hermod to play in that range without using offsets? If I DO use an offset, like via my Triatt. CV out from Hermod into Triatt, fully clockwise, I get more octaves, but none of the notes are in tune anymore. I can retune it to C, but then the octave C above will be out of tune! I couldn’t see anywhere in the Hermod settings to change the output CV voltage, only the input.

In settings you can adjust CV Range.
Select either 0v - 5v or -5v - +5v
Does this help with the Noise Engineering modules?

That setting is for CV Inputs though, so it wont make any difference to something you’re sequencing with the Hermod CV out, which seems to be operating on -5v to +5v unless I’m mistaken. If that’s the case, then the Noise Eng. modules which operative on positive voltage, as a lot of digital modules do wont work properly with the Hermod, unless there is a way to adjust the output voltage range.


Let us know if you come up with any solutions here please!

The Triatt isn’t a true offset, it’s an attenuverter, so it will attenuate positive voltages from 5 o’clock to 12 o’clock and invert plus attenuate voltages from 7 o’clock to 12 o’clock. It won’t ‘transpose’ a pitch CV as is needed for what you want to do. If you want to properly offset CV’s you need something like AML Busy Circuits’ O/A/x2.

I didn’t know that, thanks for the info. This is one of the downsides of working in eurorack without a scope!

Hmm, I reread your original post and was confused by the module only responding to 0-5v for pitch so I looked it up. It actually runs on the 8v pitch cv convention, but instead of doing -3v-(+)5v, it uses 0v-8v. Hermod is running on ±5v for pitch, so it actually has a wider range than the Noise Engineering module.
You will find that nobody really sticks to one standard and often osc’s can have a limited range due to them becoming inaccurate outside of a particular frequency range. Then there’s the way sequencers tend to not have the option to offset pitch CV. The BSP runs on positive voltages, for example, which actually would be perfect for your Loquelic Iteritas but also means I can’t address the negative CV required for my Disting sample player using it.
Offsets are a really useful tool for not just pitch correction and transposition, but also for messing with standard modulation sources.
I’ve ordered myself a 1u eurorack frame and was looking at getting a Quadratt, which is almost identical to the Triatt. Thinking a little about how the modules work, if you were to plug your Pyramid pitch cv into the second input on your Triatt and leave the first unplugged, set selector 1 to bipolar, turn dial 1 down to 7 o’clock, it should pass a -5v onto the next output which will be summed with input 2 and act like an offset. I’ve not tried this so can’t be sure, but have ago at that.

Turns out my Loquelic was busted anyway, so that could very well have been part of the problem. I’ll try again once I get it back from the repair shop.

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Bung! Well if it makes you feel better I knocked over a glass of lemonade last night and althoughtit was far away from my modular, the synth ended up being sprayed with the sticky fluid. I’ve cleaned up the mess but am scared to power up…

Oh man that’s not good. I’d open that up so you can get to the boards and clean with alcohol, might already be too late though.

Oh don’t worry about that, the first thing I did was pull all the modules and clean them up. Nothing got to the underside of the module panel but I still need to get some deoxit or the like, I’m not too sure if drips din’t get into lead sockets.

Soon I’ll get my NE Loquelic Iteritas Percido. And yesterday I received my Hermod. And it my main seq. Is there any solution to this problem?
I think, that is not big trouble for me, because i also have Voltage Block, but i want use it for modulations, and Hermod for melodies…

So, still no way to make the 1v/Oct output send out only positive voltage? Got a couple of Noise Engineering and Harvestman modules that don’t respond too well to Hermod. :frowning:

I know it’s not ideal but will this work?

A C0 note will output -5V, C1 note will output -4V, …, C5 note will output 0V, …, C10 note will output +5V. If you want to output only positive voltages, play only C5 to C10 notes.

Just use C5 and up. Or in the example above, use 2 channels on the Triatt, the first is the +5v offset into the second.

Yeah, thanks, that’s what I’ve been doing. Not ideal, but it works well enough. :slight_smile: