How to get consolidate to work on a simple track w/fx?

I find the manual frustrating to work from if I am picking and choosing various features to try out as I learn the pyramid. The directions for using the consolidate feature seem clear, but nothing is happening. I’ve seen other threads here about using it for Euclidean tracks, etc, but this seems like the simplest scenario. I have a track set up (still 4/4) with various fx and modulation of those fx, and notes and cc. It works great. I then go to the track options, move the selection to cons, and click the data encoder. Nothing at all happens. I take it that a menu comes up where I can select a track to write to, but that doesn’t happen. OBVIOUSLY I’m missing something. (I see a thread where someone encountered something like this, but then it just started working for them).

edit - sorry - meant to post to the pyramid discussion, not the general area. Can it possibly be moved?

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this works for me for 4/4 tracks

note: since 4.0 , consolidate will not work on tracks w/ non 4/4 signatures

I was quite surprised when I saw this in the release notes - i’d guess it wasn’t working correctly for non 4/4, so they just disabled it… but I’ve no knowledge what issues were,
so, you’ll have to talk to Squarp via contact form to find out why, and if this is likely to change in a future firmware.

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ah…that’s weird. ok.

i could swear that this didn’t work when i had the signature at 4/4, but i guess i can try that again. sometimes if something doesn’t seem logical, looking at the release notes just doesn’t occur to you. I guess that user error was far more likely to me, since I am just learning the Pyramid.

yeah, I just remembered seeing this when the firmware was released.

I always, read through the releases notes when I install, and these kind of things stick in my head - not always the details, but just that something has changed.

In this instance, you could suggest to Squarp that they add a note in the manual.
they are pretty good at updating the manual with changes/features, but seems they forgot to add this ‘limitation’

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well, it pretty much renders the feature useless to me. I generally will be setting up tracks other than 4/4, and hence they will not work. I don’t understand why, if you are consolidating to a new track, the signature can’t simply be copied to that track - if the track is configured the same way, what could the problem be? And if you are consolidating over the original track, what could the problem be. I suppose that I can try to find out what the issue is - i’m genuinely curious. A great feature which seems closed to me unless i do all of this with a 4/4 track, and then change the time signature. Not sure what then might happen to the tracks, and this all seems unnecessary.

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up to this point i also found the consolidate feature really helpful and i used it alot to simplify structures/reduce amount of events.

@Thibault_Squarp: Could Squarp clarify why they limited the feature to 4/4 tracks and what are the new conditions to use it?

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