How to do 303-style tied note glide with cv/gate

I can not figure out how to make a note glide using the cv/gate outputs. I have a 0-coast hooked up, and one note overlapping the other in step mono edit mode.

I found the double-tap glide setting and enabled it, but double tapping doesn’t seem to do much. Then I found on the forum that this functionality is likely broken.

Is there a way to make a note glide with cv/gate?

Maybe this post will help you :wink:

But to make it more clear.
In the case of your mono synth, from the sequencer side, you have to make sure, that the next note will start before or at the same time as the last note ended. Making the pitch actually glide is the synths job :wink:
So I would recommend you check up on the manual for the 0-coast. It seems you have to send MIDI CC 65 with the value of 1-127 to turn it on.

Hopes this helps :wink:

I have the two notes overlapping. I should have maybe mentioned that.

I know how it works with MIDI. It is indeed the synth that needs to be configured for legato behavior. I was specifically asking for interfacing with cv/gate.

With cv/gate the cv voltage needs to ramp for a slide to happen, so in that sense it is completely the sequencers responsibility. The synth can not know anything about this.

I’ve owned a Cirklon before, and there the cv glide time setting is part of the cv output configuration, and can be different for each output. If the Pyramid doesn’t have such a setting it means the cv/gate output is really crippled.

For my 0-coast I can resort to MIDI but for some of my other synths I can’t.


I think I might not have been very clear on what I’m trying to achieve possibly :slight_smile:

What I want to do is have portamento, but only on tied notes. Like a 303 sequencer can do. This is only something that can be done with CV afaik.

I tried to use midi -> 0-coast. And I can set it to legato, portamento=on CC65 + portamento time CC5, but that will just glide every note into the next.

I want the glide to happen only with overlapping / tied notes. As I said the Cirklon can do this. I found no reference in the manual to this, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for v3 :crossed_fingers:

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The 303 's glide is different to portamento on most other synths and you’re right that only a CV sequencer can emulate it.

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is this possible now somehow?
as it currently is, CC values don’t glide and are stepped.
I’d very much love to interpolate between values