How to creat Quarter Triplets?

and also with the Midi Delay and the Quantizer etc ?

Thank you

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Creating 1/4 Note Triplets:

Method 1:
Live Mode → Record → Play Triplets

Method 2:
Step Mode
1st 1/4 Note Triplet is 2.66 Steps after first (2 steps + 66% offset)
2nd 1/4 Note Triplet is 5.33 Steps after first (5 steps + 33% offset)
*assuming 4/4 and Zoomx4

Method 3:
Step Mode
Set Zoomx1
Put First Note Event Down
Hold Second Pad and offset -33% (that Note Event will ‘disappear’ underneath the first step)
Hold Second Pad again and offset +33%

Also, 1/8 Triplets - just in case someone searches later (same *assumptions as above):
Step 1
Step 2+33%offset
Step 3+66%offset

There are no settings for 1/4 Note Triplets in Delay or Quantizer, but 1/8 Note Triplets can be achieved using 1/12 time/grid.

If you would like to make a Feature Request, you can submit one at

Note: I’m on brain meds and lots of stupid stuff, so best have someone smrt check my work.

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On further reflection, I guess I can leave the Music to Math bits for the smrt people, but a formula that might work for any Zoom level and/or Meter might be:

[Number of Pad Steps that will be Divided]/[Number of Note Events that you wan to occur there]

The result: Whole numbers = PadSteps; decimals = Offset

Where PadSteps are consecutive Pads… (using a slightly different terminology because Step has a specific meaning in this stuff that we do)


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