How to copy a pattern to an other track from same project?

For a long moment I was using the same channel of my instruments for doubleing my lead
but now i would like to use different midi channel and the copy past function is not working when trying in an other track;
Is there is any manipulation for this? or is it a bug? or is it not possible?
Thanks you

Track Copy/Paste works exactly as described in the manual for me.
Are you using the latest version of PyraOS and following the steps outlined in the manual?
Do you get an error message?

Hey ! Thanks for your answer.
i know how copy past is working.
If I copy pattern 1 on track 1 to pattern 2 track 1 its working
but if I copy pattern 1 track 1 to pattern 1 track 2; it is not working.
I have a copy message appears when I copy a pattern but nothing appears when I’m trying to past it in an other track. no past or error msg
And I did firmware update when I buy it one mounth ago.

my process

pattern mode
enter track mode
select track 2
open pattern mode
2nd+past+p1 nothing happen, no message

maybe im doing something wrong?

Those steps are exactly what I do and it works fine on my device.
The only way I could get it to NOT paste is if I didn’t have Patterns enabled on the Destination Track, but the Patterns screen has a msg “Press 2nd + Track to Enable Patterns”.

Does this happen on a brand new Project?

Oh thanks !
This msg happen also, and afer using google translate i understand what means enable.
I was thinking that enable means something like deactivate
I did not try as I turn the stuido off, but think tomorow is going to be a good day!
Thanks a lot

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