How to control layers via CV in?

Hey there,
new to the Rample.
First thing i want to set up with FW1.2 running is control the layer by incoming CV. (velocity–>layer via CV in)
How can i assign that on Rample?

The printed manual that came with Rample refers to an option in the main menu that doesn’t exist anymore and the online manual only talks about velocity control over MIDI.

pretty sure i missed something supereasy, right?!

Hi @konrad,

You can assign a cv to the layer like any other assignment. Just press [assign] then choose the CV slot, then the sample, and finally, choose “layer”.

Bear in mind, this will override the “layer mode”, so even if it’s set to “random” (meaning, a gate should trigger a random layer each time), the layer will always be the same if your CV input doesn’t change.

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