How to connect iPad and Hermod

What is the best way to connect an iPad with the Hermod to use all the midi sequencing possibilities of the iPad App ? is it even possible?
My hermod was set on a Doepfer minicase (alone) and my iPad was directly connected to the usb host of the hermod , I was using a midi app , PARAT +, trying to send some cc modulation to the hermod but it did not work. And the worst is that the power supply of the doepfer minicase did burnt and don’t work anymore.

I’m trying to make this work with my Iphone. Do I need a midi interface or can I just use USB. I tried plugging right into the device port but haven’t had any luck. I can’t be the only one that wants to use an ios app to sequence my Euro>rack

I use my ipad with hermod all the time, it works great. You need one of these though for it to work:

Just make sure to get the adapter that has the correct tip (lightning/thunderbolt, etc) that matches whatever ipad/iphone you have.