How to change default or overall pattern lenght?

Currently every time I’m working with the Hapax it is really annoying that I have to set the pattern lenght each time. The default of 1 bar is for me never used. I cannot find it in the manual nor the forum, but is there a way to set the default on je Hapax, or maybe even per project?

currently, no there are no ‘project defaults’.
(save settings only covers things in the settings menus)

however, Squarp have already stated there will be projects defaults or similar in a future firmware.
(iirc, im pretty sure they said this, apologies if not :wink: )

for now, what I do is have a number of projects with defaults that I need, so things like midi ports/channels, track mode, track length… and use these as templates.
then for a new project, I load one of these up, and then immediately do ‘Save As’ to create a new project based these settings.


A great workaround for now , thanks. Was indeed using this for default drum midi assignments, but I could easily just use a default project as a template for now. Just needs a one time setup. Thanks!

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yeah, it works fine…

only really missing features are:

a) prevent accidentally overwrite your template !
thats why I do the Save As, immediately on loading… so just workflow for now.

b) Hapax to load a project/template on startup
ok, really a first world problem… buy hey, it’d be nice to load up my last project on startup, or a particular template.

I indeed noticed there is no warning , or save as via which you can select a file to overwrite.

Indeed not ready first world problems, but we like things just to be perfect right:)?

Would be also nice if the REC settings were saved with the project.

indeed, some rec settings would be handy to be saved
please send as Feature Request via the contact form, so ideas don’t get lost/forgotten

They’d better just take a blocknote once in a while and scroll through all the topics and replies :), enough material of features to implement quite some new releases of the firmware:)

Sure I just did

this is exactly what is being avoided…
the messages that come thru the contact form are being entered into the system, and classified etc

this forum is not being scanned routinely by Squarp… so if you post ideas here, they may well be missed.

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