How to avoid conflicting pyramid cc messages with my launch control xl

Hi pyramid gurus)
can somebody explain please how to avoid pyramid cc messages to conflict with my launch controls, i use 2 of them controlling my aum and digis?
from the start everything is well, but after sometime my aum faders starting to move by themself and as i see the cc messages data are collecting in my pyramid channels and they are starting to crosspath with my aum controls.

I have cleaned all the cc and fx on every pyramid track and still have the problem, looks like something is tweaking 3 o different launches faders, every launch is on it own midi channel, what its supposed to be?

when it comes to CC’s and Midi its always the same thing - if the CC is on the wire and some device is there to pick up that CC, it’s gonna react to it. The one exception to this is bugs in synths where even correct configured synths react to a CC even though they’re not supposed to.

Basically, you’ve gotta pull out midi monitor and stick it on your wire, identify the messages that are being put on your wire, and then figure out how to configure your devices appropriately, or reprogram your set, or get a midi event processor or something. First you gotta figure out where your unwanted messages are coming from, then you can start to look at solutions. Y

Things to watch out for:

  • midi echo – if you turn a knob that sends your cc one click and see 2 or more messages per click, that’s a dead give away that you’ve got some echo going on.
  • devices that are on ‘all channels’
  • devices that are using the same channel
  • devices that don’t give a shit and aren’t working right lol

Like, when I need to figure stuff out, I plug a midi cable from my rig into my computer, fire that bad boy up, filter out like clock messages, and then try to send just the thing that’s messing up and look at the result. The idea is you want the simplest way to reproduce the failure (if i were you, i’d program one of the knobs on the pyramid to send the CC and then just click it one time and see what happens), and then study that in the output.

Cheers and good luck


Thanks o lot for а good check list :pray::pray::pray:

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