How to avoid a MIDI feedback loop?

I’d like to be able to record knob movements on a couple of my machines, directly from the knobs on the machines themselves. Until now I’ve had only a Keystep going into MIDI input A and then all my synths and drum machines are chained from MIDI output A. I’m trying to figure out how I can return the MIDI from that chain back into the Hapax so that I can record knob movements as MIDI CC without mucking everything up and getting a MIDI feedback loop.

I’m wondering if this will be possible AND keep the ability to use the Keystep to play notes on the active track. In the MIDI input settings screen, if I set the Notes and CC setting to “REC ONLY”, I can record them, but I can’t hear the notes I’m playing on the Keystep. In the MIDI thru setting screen, MIDI thru is turned off on everything and I would kind of think that would solve this, but it doesn’t.

Is what I want to do even possible without additional hardware like a MIDI merger box?

First question.
The traditional solution:
Ever since slightly after the first dawn of midi, where we started using midi sequencers, we have used the function of our synths/keybords called LOCAL OFF. :nerd_face:
It will disconnect everything that generates midi events (e.g. Keyboard, sliders, knobs), from the sound engine of your hardware.
And that should do the trick.

(However, yup will always have to be on the right sequencer channel for playing the instrument, and this may be unwanted.)

The latest beta firmware includes a “MIDI echo off” function. Several of us requested this, as we have the same or similar problems.

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Was this only present in the beta? Can’t seem to find it in the official firmware install.

Been wondering about this as well. I cannot make any of this work either.
Controlling notes, modulation, pitch bend on the active track with a keystep works fine. However, recording CC from a synth while also playing it via the Keystep is problematic in various ways. Ways which also seem to differ from one synths to the other. I’m really wondering how other folks record CC from their synths not least because local off doesn’t work on every machine.

Some examples:
Waldorf Streichfett and Rocket support local off only when sent via Midi CC 122 (which Hapax doesn’t support)
Roland JU-06A echos everything back no matter what, even incoming notes
Korg Minilogue XD receives CC but returns NRPN (or CC pairs, didn’t investigate)
DSI Evolver doesn’t support local off

Same quetion - is this only in the beta. It was on ly Pyramid - and having received my Hapax today Im playing.

I cant use local off… as half my synths are desktop module. If I turn local off it wont ever sound - if I have it on it sounds from teh controller board AND Hapax. I THOUGHT it would be the midi thru (ie set off and it wouldnt pass the received midi out again) - but thats not working.

Also - how do I tell which FW I have? SHOUYDL be the latest as its new direct from Squarp but you never know.

That doesnt work when IUm using a controller board and synth modules… The keybed and Hapax are routed to the synth via a Motu Midi Express. Had no problem with my Pyramid here, but Hapax seems lacking it. I can fudge it by turning the output channel to Midi D (which Im not using) when recording, but then I have to turn them all back top the correct out to playback - which is a PITA.