How to assign external knobs or pads to Pyramidi message?

Pyramid’s Manual says on page53
“It’s possible to assign a CC messages (received from midi in) to an other CC message or to an effect parameter”

But also is it possible to assign to pyramid message?
for example,mute.

I want to control Pyramid’s mute state from external midi pads.
but my external midi pad can’t change his own cc number.

  • build your own controller, perhaps with Arduino
  • MIDI translator
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Thank you for your response.
I asked Squarp directly too,but their answer was same as yours.

It’d be nicer if hardware had a small processor to allow to altering the MIDI data on the incoming side, but that would probably cause a whole new layer of confusion and support issues.

I know it’s probably not the response you wanted to hear, but in my personal opinion having a MIDI translator or two in the rig is essential if you dont’ have a controller that will send whatever specific data you need.

Another option, and this might get complex and I’m not terribly focused right now for a step-by-step, but:

  • Assign the Tracks you want to affect via external mute trigger a Chance Effect.
  • Configure the Chance Effect to respond to the CC#'s you have available.
  • Chance 0%=the track is muted; Chance 100%=the track is played

Some variations to be expected in that scenario based on your personal workflow/process/creation style/perfomance style/etc.

I actually use this as a “Track Grouping” because I can make a group of Tracks play concurrently in Relatch mode and restart them when I change the Seq, and then select the layers I want played via external controller. (Similar to playing MIDI Clips in Ableton with Trigger: Legato Mode)

Let me know if that’s terribly confusing and if you want to try that. If so, I can sit down in the studio and type up a step-by-step in a few days as I’m tits-deep with other projects today/tomorrow.

Also, if you choose the MIDI translator route, I use a BomeBox. It basically runs MIDI Translator Pro scripts. That’s a bit of an investement, tho…but you can do loads of stuff with it. I believe some people use an iConnect. I think Blokas Labs is in Beta on a MIDI Hub device that looks extremely promising (easy to use, flexible, features, etc). Also MIDI Solutions has a translator. I haven’t worked with that one yet, but I think the translation is as simple as a basic txt file.

Good luck!
And if you find a creative solution, please post about it!

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