How stable is the latest Pyramid OS beta?


Hi there - just wondered how stable the latest Pyramid OS beta is? I like the new features (esp encoders per track) but I don’t want bugs getting in the way of making music when my Pyramid is very reliable now.

Should I just wait for the final v3 - is that still months away? Thanks!


If you plan on performing any time soon you’ll want to hang on imo. The Squarp team is hard at work but the OS isn’t ready to go live reliably quite yet.


I created a backup of 2.3 with all the files and the OS and set it aside.
Updated to work with and test the Beta 3.0 and have enjoyed exploring.
In recent weeks I’ve done a lot of traveling and performing, and so in preparation I backup up the beta and restored the 2.3 folder.
Went fine and seems to work just fine in both directions.


Thanks for the replies. I would really like to try the new features, but I think I’ll wait a little longer to update - if it ain’t broke…