How sequence patterns in a section?

Newbie question (Hapax arrived yesterday).

Let’s say I have a section 16 bars long.

I have patterns 1, 2, 3 and 4 (they could be in different or the same track).

Let’s say I want pattern 1 to play in bars 1-4, pattern 2 in bars 3-6, pattern 3 in bars 7-11 and pattern 4 to repeat throughout the section.

How do I program this?

Do I literally “play” the patterns at the right point while the section is running? If so, is there a way to edit this after I’ve recorded the section?

Are Loop Points the solution?

there is no linear timeline on the hapax…
basically we have patterns, sections and songs… to work with.

songs create the closest we have to a linear timeline, by programming sections (from patterns)

looking at your example is also kind of interesting…

you talk about p 1-4… as if they are on one track,
but since they overlap, they must be on separate tracks.

if this is the case, then you have two choices
put blanks bars where you don’t want something to play…
i.e.g make all 11 bars long, and p2 would be blank for 1-3,7-11

program sections… of this groups of patterns, activating as necessary.
to make this work however, you will likely want to have the patterns run ‘free’,so they dont restart when things overlap.

really just a matter of playing with what you have… and converting this ‘linear’ approach into a pattern based one thats supported by hapax.

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@thetechnobear I have never used a hardware sequencer before, except a bit of effort on the limited sequencer in my Blackbox.

Now that I understand the workflow, I was able to deploy it quite successfully to sequence the 16-bar intro of the song I’m currently working on.

Thanks for the help!


cool, you’ll get there !
Hapax has a lot of features and a really slick workflow (when you get used to it.).
but like anything more complex, it takes a bit at a time.

I really enjoy this phase… lots of experimentation, lots of exploring different workflows/features.
just getting a feel for how the new thing ‘wants’ to be used, and where it excels… and also importantly, workflows Ive used that feel ‘unnatural’/clumsy… and so how I can approach differently.

so I end up with a new workflow… one thats tailored to the instrument - something I always find inspiring, as its a different approach to making music etc.

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