How many definitions files can the pyramid hold?

Hey, can the Pyramid not more than 16 Def files ?

Not in my experience. That’s also what the documentation says:

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Thanks. I hope they will make more i the next updates

I am with you on extending the number of definition files. There has been discussion about memory being a limiting factor, but I agree this would be huge for large setups. I currently have 16 definition files used and need more than double that to serve my entire studio. 32 definition files would really help me manage my studio more efficiently.

Agreed. Volca Sample takes up 10 channels alone. More definition files would be good for flexibility.

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TIP If you set an instrument definition with a channel number = 0 (instead of 1 to 16), every “not defined” instruments of the selected output will be defined as this definition.

With that, multi-timbral synths become manageable.

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Someone help me…what does this actually mean?

Heh, I guess up to now I hadn’t tried to really read that snippet from the manual because I knew it from the original context here on the forum (unfortunately those beta topics are inaccessible). It’s indeed a bit… um, thick :grin:

The zero channel basically means default instrument: all channels on that output default to this instrument, unless overridden by an instrument with a specific channel.

In case I didn’t manage to make it any clearer :joy: maybe an example will.

My setup is built around two multi-timbral romplers: JV-1080 on output A and XV-3080 on output B, both defined as default (ie channel zero). The other devices only respond to a single channel at a time so they have a specific channels in their definitions - I’m going downwards from 16, spread across the outputs. Thanks to the zero channel default thing, the JV and XV always cover all the remaining channels on their output lines and don’t need adjusting when adding new gear.

Since you can obviously only have one default per output, use it wisely. If you have more than one multi-timbral device on an output, you’ll need to resort to multiple instrument definitions per device for the rest.

Thanks, @pmatilai . I think I get it. So if I have a multi-timbral device Out B. I only need to load one definition file for it rather than 4 separate ones for each of its four channels?
And providing its defined channel is 0, and it is is the only defined device on OutB with channel 0, the definition will be copied to all the other channels UNLESS another device has been defined with a specific channel?

Yes - if you use channel 0 for it.


Of course, if you then add a 8-way multitimbral synth on the same output, you’d want to make that the default instead to minimize copying, as copying will be needed if you have more than one multitimbral device on an output (and want to utilize it fully). So it’s more of a stop-gap measure than a proper solution, but I doubt we’ll see any changes to the definition system at this point.

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Definitely using 0 for my multi-timbral instruments and still out of definition files. I have a considerable amount of midi to cv converters that I would like to define with more detail, but given the limitation I have to use a more generic definition for all. Considering a second pyramid as I don’t know if another hardware sequencer that allows you to define instruments.

Right now my pyramid rig can handle 6 synthesizers, 6 drum synthesizers, 6 midi to cv converters via a Mio10, Mio4 and Midiman 8x8, but alas I have more gear to define.

Question: would the mk3 release indicate there isn’t a follow up in the works for a good amount of time, if ever?

Thank you. Be well. Xxxxxx jim