How does the Scale feature work with external Midi Keyboards?

If I have a midi controller plugged into the Pyramid, will it benefit from the auto-scale feature similar to how the Komplete Kontrol keyboard will map an auto-scale across the white keys only?



Think of it like this:
MIDI input -> 4 MIDI FX slots -> To track output.

I use the Arp, Scale and Delay all the time when playing live, it makes my playing tolerable!

Hope this helps :wink:

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So it DOES map a scale to the white keys only?

sorry for asking twice, I just wanted to make sure that was the exact method that it uses with the keyboard.

My bad for not answering.

Scale works across all keys, black and white.

Try this:

This effect quantizes all note pitches to a defined scale in real time, to refine your melody.

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Ok thanks for the answer! That’s a little suboptimal in my eyes, if I’m reading into it correctly, there would be many instances in which more than one key on your keyboard would trigger the same note.

You can then use Stick mode Algo1 or 2.

If a non-scaled note is exactly between two scaled notes, select if the effect have to choose the note below (DOWN) or above (UP). FILTER will not play notes outside the scale. ALGO1 or ALGO2 will randomly select the sticked note up/down.

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yeah, that’s what brought me to think that in the first place, basically it means that if the key you are playing on a keyboard is not in the scale, it will play one either above or below it that is, which inherently means that note will be mapped to multiple keys which means you still need to have some knowledge of the scale form on a keyboard if you want to avoid accidentally playing the same note when you wanted to go up or down a note.

They should really map it to the white keys, a bonus would be that the black keys could all be used for other things!

Then what you would want to do is not use Scale mode.

Settings -> MIDI In -> Assign Note To -> Smartpad
Now go into LIVE mode. Hold LIVE and turn the main encoder to enter SCALE mode.
Now every note on your MIDI controller will correspond to a different smartpad and every smartpad will be a different note on the selected scale.

Hope this helps :wink:

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First, thanks for being such a help, but this seems to have forked my questioning lol.

  1. This means then that you would play the scale by using the white AND black keys in succession? It’s far better than the ALGO 1&2 but still not nearly as good as the white only keys

  2. Would doing this allow you to have access to more than 16 smartpads?

Thanks again

In the same setting there is also “Smartpad White” mode. You can try that :slight_smile: In that mode every white key is a different smartpad (I believe black keys are doubles, but you have to check).

In one “page” you have 8 smartpads on the Pyramid (the bottom 8 pads). You can use the arrows <> to shift octaves and access “more”.
But yes, if you are using an external MIDI controller you can have access to more smartpads (as many different note you can input).

Hope this helps :wink:

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you’re the best, now I’m really excited!

Happy to help.

Let us know how it works out! :wink:

Thats really the only way to deal with things. Alternatively perhaps keys pressed not in the scale could just be dead? I think ill take the current methodology.